• The Transparency Sale

    How unexpected honesty and understanding the buying brain can transform your results

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    The future of sales is radically transparent. Are you ready for it?

    Buyers today have knowledge at their fingertips and most of their information gathering will routinely happen before you even walk through the door or get them on the phone. Armed with information, their guard is up – and they are skeptical.

    Today, anyone buying anything relies on reviews and feedback shared by strangers and often trust those anonymously posted experiences more than the claims made by the providers of the products or services themselves. They expect to see the full picture and find out all of the pros and cons before making any purchase. And the larger the purchase, the greater the demand for transparency.

    What if the key to selling was to do exactly the opposite of what most sales courses tell you to do?

    It may be hard to imagine, but something as counterintuitive as leading with your flaws can result in faster sales cycles, increased win rates, and makes competing with you almost impossible. Leveraging transparency and vulnerability in your presentations and your negotiations leads to faster buyer consensus, larger deals, faster payments, longer commitments and more predictable sales forecasts.

    In this groundbreaking book, award winning sales leader Todd Caponi will reveal his hard-earned secrets for engaging potential buyers with unexpected honesty and understanding the buying brain to get the deal you want, while delighting your customer with the experience.

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