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    Sales Philosopher | Author | SaaS Revenue Capacity Architect | Sales Leader

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    A geek for buyer psychology, sales methodology & education, my expertise is in building sales organizations and revenue capacity, using a learning-centric approach to maximize efficiency and output.


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    Todd’s first book, The Transparency Sale, is on track to be released in the Fall.(IdeaPress / Vicara Books). He has spent the last 4 years building the revenue capacity of Chicago’s PowerReviews from the ground up as their CRO. Previously, he's held leadership roles with 3 other tech companies, including ExactTarget, where he helped the organization to a successful IPO and a $2.7B exit to Salesforce.com. He's a former owner of a sales training company, built a sales enablement function to support 400 sellers, and won an American Business Award for Worldwide VP of Sales of the Year.

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