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    Episode 93: "The Best of All Sales Tactics: Transparency"

    Every sales professional is on the hunt for sales tactics that close deals, but most don’t even have transparency on their short list. My guest on this episode of #SellingWithSocial is an award-winning sales leader. Todd Caponi’s passion is for all things sales methodology, learning theory, and decision science – and you can see how true that is in his brand new book “The Transparency Sale.”

    Episode 16: "Leverage Transparency to Shorten the Sales Cycle for Buyers"

    In this episode, Todd pulls from his vast experiences as a sales leader at companies like Power Reviews and Exact Target (Salesforce) to help modern sellers understand the importance of transparency in closing more deals with customers.

    "The #1 Surprising Way to Win Over a Client and Close the Deal - B2B SALES"

    In this episode, Todd talks with host Brian Burns about the upcoming book, The Transparency Sale, and how advancements in our understanding of how the brain makes decisions applied to B2B selling is the next non-obvious evolution in the profession.

    Episode 152: "How Leading With Your Weaknesses Can Fast-Track Your Sales Cycles"

    In this episode, Todd discusses the need to stop selling as if you’re a perfect 5.0.

    Products with a 4.2 - 4.5 out of 5 star review sell better than those with a perfect 5.0.

    Why? Because vulnerability fosters trust.

    Podcast 9: "Unraveling the power of the Transparency Sale"

    In this episode, we talk with Todd Caponi, former CRO of PowerReviews about how to sell enterprise software solutions with increased transparency in the sales process.

    An Interview with Todd Caponi: The Transparency Sale

    Sales is just as much science as art, and Caponi is devoted to the ‘geeky side’ of sales, as he calls it. A leader with more than 20 years of hands-on sales experience across sales training, sales enablement, and executive roles (most recently as CRO of PowerReviews), Todd’s focus includes bringing transparency to the sales process, boosting deal size, and improving relationships. And now he’s turning his sales passions to writing a soon-to-be-released book based on what he calls “The Transparency Sale”

    Episode 221: "The Transparency Sale with Todd Caponi"

    The Challenger Sale taught us to change our approach due to the preponderance of information about our products and services available to buyers before they ever talk to you, the seller. Today, we need to add "feedback" to the list, as buyers have easy access to our pros AND CONS like never before. Sellers need to be on top of what buyers are saying about them. Now there is a need to add transparency sale processes.

    Episode 8: "Advancing Your Career by Taking Risks"

    In this episode, Todd talks about how he realized his passion for sales was in teaching. He took a risk by venturing out on his own and buying a sales training business. His thirst for learning and passion for understanding buyer behavior continues to define his success

    Episode 120: "The Five F’s of Driving Revenue Capacity"

    In this episode, Todd discusses how the effectiveness of your sales team to drive revenue determines if everything else in your business will be successful.
    It’s easier to keep track of the status of your sales team and what needs to be tackled next by using the Five F’s: Field, Focus, Fundamentals, Forecast, and Fun.

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    SALES Assembly Summit

    Chicago, Illinois | June, 2018

    The way we’ve been molding the sales profession doesn’t align with how buyers buy, learn and make decisions. There's an evolution coming...

    Miscellaneous Sales Kickoffs & QBRs

    Clients include Signal, Campaign Monitor, Cloudera, Cheetah Digital and many others...

    Sales Enablement w/ Learncore & SAVO

    Chicago, Illinois | April, 2018

    Scaling Sales Enablement & Training

    Building the Sales Foundation

    (for Series A Tech Founders)


    Chicago, Illinois | March, 2018

    Why do businesses fail? Some say it’s poor product, a poor economy, a weak leadership team, well funded competition or countless other reasons. In reality, businesses fail due to a lack of sales. Building a sales foundation from the beginning is often the missing piece to explosive growth. (VentureSCALE launches in February of 2018)

    Transparency: The Next Era in Enterprise Sales

    (Sales Performance Management Tech Company)

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | January, 2018

    Just like brands and retailers displaying positive and negative ratings and reviews on their own web pages online, the successful future sellers will lead with transparency.

    Sales Assembly

    Chicago, Illinois | November, 2017

    The companies who scale best are the ones where the sales and marketing orgs work as one, and are in total alignment with one another as well as with company goals/objectives overall.

    Learncore Core Connect

    Chicago, Illinois | October, 2017

    Just like brands and retailers displaying positive and negative ratings and reviews on their own web pages online, the successful future sellers will lead with transparency.

    Shop.org Conference

    Los Angeles, California | September, 2017

    Consumers demand transparency and accountability from businesses or they move on. But what does transparency really mean, and where is it taking us? This session will discuss the future of transparency.

    Lessonly Roadshow

    Chicago, Illinois

    Better sit down for this...do you realize that all of your corporate initiatives succeed or fail based on the words that come out of your sales team's mouths. To ensure your reps are able to deliver that message & approach relies on how you enable them. Adhering to how the sales brain pays attention, learns and actions that learning is key.

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