• Praise for The Transparency Sale


    President, SAP North America

    “Todd takes us on a journey through the rising expectations of buyers today and shows us, through his engaging storytelling, how radical transparency can build the ultimate level of trust needed to succeed in today’s economy.”


    EVP & COO B2C, Salesforce

    “Another change in the world of sales is coming, and it's happening quickly. Transparency wins, and Todd provides the timeless foundation for leading you through this next evolution.”


    WSJ Bestselling Author of Non-Obvious

    “Sell more by being flawed? Help your customer negotiate a discount? This is the sales book I wished I could have read earlier in my career. Whether you need help on negotiating a contract or transforming your pitch, this book will reveal a better way to do it ... usually along with a story of how Todd himself solved that same challenge.”


    Partner, OpenView Venture Partners

    “We're on the verge of something new in B2B sales. Buyers have access to far more information than they have had in the past and the role of sales needs to evolve to meet their needs. Todd seamlessly illustrates how to prepare and succeed in this feedback-driven world -- transparency.”


    Chief Executive Officer, PowerReviews

    “I love this book. As we move to a Transparency Economy buyers will come to expect that anyone in sales understands their need for authentic and credible advice. Todd provides a roadmap for progressive sales leaders to begin on that journey.”


    Chief Executive Officer, Sales Assembly

    “Everyone's always looking for the latest sales hack, tip or AI tool to help their team outperform the competition. Instead, what they need to do is read The Transparency Sale. Todd has laid out THE approach for the modern sales organization.”


    Chief Revenue Officer, Campaign Monitor

    “Human beings instinctively respond to honesty and authenticity, yet so much of what we we’ve been told to do in traditional selling ends up resembling little more than crude attempts to manipulate buyers. The refreshingly clear and direct approach advocated in The Transparency Sale is exactly what 21st century selling needs - an understanding of how buying decisions are really made and how forthright and sincere selling is the difference maker in sales success. I’ve been waiting for this book.”

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