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  • A way to think about the ROI...

    While it’s often difficult to calculate an ROI directly correlated with training, here’s a way to think about it.

    Results are a combination of four things:

    • Your number of qualified deals multiplied by...
    • Your deal sizes multiplied by...
    • Your win rates divided by...
    • Your cycle lengths.
    Amazing thing with the math - if you increase your number of qualified deals, your deal sizes and your win rates by just 5% each, then reduce your cycle lengths by 5%, you’ll grow your results by over 22%. Trust me - no matter the numbers, the math always works.

    Don’t fret. You can do this. What is 5%?

    • If you have twenty qualified deals in a year, it’s adding just one more.
    • If your average deal size is $20k, it’s pushing that up to $21k.
    • If you win five out of every twenty deals you qualify, it’s winning just one more.
    • If your cycle lengths are typically 30 days, it’s shrinking that by 1.5 days.

    Achieve all four of those bullets, your growth will be 22%.

    We all know transparency & authenticity is what we “should” be doing in sales, but the data & brain science behind it shows that it actually contributes mightily to every one of these metrics. I’m confident that each rep will find additional opportunities to work on, raise deal sizes, raise win rates, and shrink cycle rates - and you’ll be excited about the results.

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