• You'll laugh, you'll cry...

    Ok, that's not quite true, but I deliver 45-90 minute talks to groups of 10 up to 1000's. These talks are meant to appeal to a broader audience than just sales & sales enablement professionals, as they impact anyone who has to influence others...


    Here are some of the topics:

    • Transparency, Decision Science & the Future of Sales: Sales has historically been associated with being a swarmy profession. That's all changing. With our children growing up to be our future buyers all surrounded by reviews & transparency, coupled with advances in brain science around how people make decisions, the non-obvious evolution of sales is upon us. I'll show you how to get ready.
    • Transparent Negotiations: Negotiating a contract should be easy, and it can be through transparency. I'll teach you how to determine what your negotiation levers are, and a approach where you play your cards face-up (versus a "hide your tells" approach) early-and-often in a negotiation to get to a fantastic outcome.
    • The Presentation Choreography: The brain isn't wired to listen to you speak...it's not its priority. Most presenters take a show-up-and-throw-up approach to presenting. I'll teach you a flow that takes brain science into account, which not only tells a great story, it also compels the listener to action.
    • The Art & Science of Sales Training: The brain is an incredible organ, where learning is low on its evolutionary priority list. To make the maximum impact, the focus and approach to making sales professionals better at what they do should be optimized. I'll provide some ideas to get you rolling in the right direction.
    • The 5 F's of Building Revenue Capacity: Focused for sales leaders, or those who aspire to become a sales leader, we'll explore how to create a framework for thinking about, building and communicating your approach to leadership. This framework I've personally used successfully 4 times, and use it to communicate with my leadership team, during our board presentations, and in each of my 1-on-1's. 
    • The Fundamentals of Building a Buyer Centered Sales Cycle:  In this 30-minute talk, I take the audience through the frameworks of historical selling methodologies (I happen to be a nerd / expert on most of them), then show you the path to creating a buyer centered process for your organization, which will result in a much more accurate forecast, too!

    ...and many more. Download the PDF bio sheet HERE!

    "Thank you for an energizing and insightful presentation at our 2018 Revenue Kickoff Meeting in January. The overwhelming response was that you are one of the most interesting and powerful speakers many had ever seen!"

    - VP Sales & EVP Revenue, Philadelphia Tech Company

    "In the feedback we have received thus far from everyone who attended, you were the voted the most interesting/impactful/valuable presenter of the 2 day kick off by an overwhelming margin. One of our sales guys, who has been in sales for 30 years, said that you were the best speaker he has seen in his career."

    - Director of Revenue Operations, Tech Company

    "Todd Caponi is my favorite sales guru. Love when he gets going during his presentations. His energy is infectious."

    - SVP of Sales, NY Tech Company

  • Topics & Events

    Upcoming & Recent Speaking Engagements

    SALES Assembly Summit

    Chicago, Illinois | June 6th, 2018

    The way we’ve been molding the sales profession doesn’t align with how buyers buy, learn and make decisions. There's an evolution coming...

    Sales Enablement w/ Learncore & SAVO

    Chicago, Illinois | April 17th, 2018

    Scaling Sales Enablement & Training

    PAST: Building the Sales Foundation

    (for Series A Tech Founders)


    Chicago, Illinois | March, 2018

    Why do businesses fail? Some say it’s poor product, a poor economy, a weak leadership team, well funded competition or countless other reasons. In reality, businesses fail due to a lack of sales. Building a sales foundation from the beginning is often the missing piece to explosive growth. (VentureSCALE launches in February of 2018)

    PAST: Transparency: The Next Era in Enterprise Sales

    (Sales Performance Management Tech Company)

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | January 26th, 2018

    Just like brands and retailers displaying positive and negative ratings and reviews on their own web pages online, the successful future sellers will lead with transparency.

    Sales Assembly

    Chicago, Illinois | November 8th, 2017

    The companies who scale best are the ones where the sales and marketing orgs work as one, and are in total alignment with one another as well as with company goals/objectives overall.

    Learncore Core Connect

    Chicago, Illinois | October 24th, 2017

    Just like brands and retailers displaying positive and negative ratings and reviews on their own web pages online, the successful future sellers will lead with transparency.

    Shop.org Conference

    Los Angeles, California | September 27th, 2017

    Consumers demand transparency and accountability from businesses or they move on. But what does transparency really mean, and where is it taking us? This session will discuss the future of transparency.

    Lessonly Roadshow

    Chicago, Illinois

    Better sit down for this...do you realize that all of your corporate initiatives succeed or fail based on the words that come out of your sales team's mouths. To ensure your reps are able to deliver that message & approach relies on how you enable them. Adhering to how the sales brain pays attention, learns and actions that learning is key.

  • Podcasts

    Episode 008 - "Advancing Your Career by Taking Risks"

    In this episode, Todd talks about how he realized his passion for sales was in teaching. He took a risk by venturing out on his own and buying a sales training business. His thirst for learning and passion for understanding buyer behavior continues to define his success

    Episode 120: "The Five F’s of Driving Revenue Capacity"

    In this episode, Todd discusses how the effectiveness of your sales team to drive revenue determines if everything else in your business will be successful.
    It’s easier to keep track of the status of your sales team and what needs to be tackled next by using the Five F’s: Field, Focus, Fundamentals, Forecast, and Fun.

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