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    Sales Philosopher | Revenue Capacity Architect | Sales Enabler | Author

    The future of sales is radically transparent. Are you ready?

    I wrote a book, speak & teach about using transparency and authenticity to maximize the revenue capacity of you and your teams.

    Todd was most recently the Chief Revenue Officer of Chicago's PowerReviews, building the revenue capacity from the ground up. He turned it into what Deloitte recently named the fastest growing tech company in the entire state of Illinois during his tenure.


    Prior to PowerReviews, Todd was on the sales leadership team at ExactTarget, who he helped to a successful IPO followed by an exit via acquisition by Salesforce.com for > $2.5 BILLION.


    Todd is also a winner of the American Business "Golden Stevie" Award for VP of WW Sales of the Year during his tenure at Right Hemisphere (who successfully exited to SAP), and he’s also a former owner / operator of a sales training organization.

  • What people are saying about Todd:

    "Do yourself a favor...buy Todd’s book + listen to him speak. Todd’s basically the Steve Jobs + George Washington + Steven Spielberg + Michael Jordan of sales leaders. He’s kinda good." - Jeff Rosset, CEO of SalesAssembly & VentureSCALE

    What people are saying about Todd:

    “You were the voted the most interesting / impactful / valuable presenter of the 2 day kick off by an overwhelming margin. One of our sales people, who has been in sales for 30 years, said that you were the best speaker he has seen in his career. - Kyle Himmelwright, Sr. Manager, Revenue Operations Optymyze

    What people are saying about Todd:

    "Todd Caponi is my favorite sales guru. Love when he gets going during his presentations. His energy is infectious." - Jason de Boer, Vice President of Sales, Selligent

    What people are saying about Todd:

    "Thank you for an energizing and insightful presentation. The overwhelming response was that you are one of the most interesting and powerful speakers many had ever seen." - Neil Miklusak, Vice President of NA Sales, Optymyze

    What people are saying about Todd:

    "Todd brings a level of passion, expertise, and storytelling that is nearly impossible to replicate. Our reps were as engaged as I've ever seen them. Weeks later, I still hear them referencing their notes and discussing the tips they picked up during his session." - Bryan Naas, Director of Sales Enablement at Lessonly

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    Every talk is designed to fit the needs of the audience, be immediately actionable, and aligned to the mission of your event.

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    Transparency, Decision Science & the Future of Sales

    Starting with an exploration of the new type of consumer influence driving the need to change, this session provides an understanding of our buying brain, and how we make decisions as consumers. Beyond just striving for authenticity, your team will gain a foundational understanding of how decision making really works, which is key to getting better at selling anything to anyone.
    Attendees will walk away from this session with a core understanding of the role of transparency and decision science throughout the decision maker's journey. We will also explore a few simple techniques they can immediately apply to their efforts.

    Transparent Negotiations


    Traditional sales negotiation techniques erode trust and slow momentum - right near the finish line. In this talk now "famous" talk, Todd reveals an approach where you play your cards face-up (versus the traditional "hide your tells" approach) leading to faster buyer consensus, larger deals, faster payments, longer commitments and more predictable sales forecasts.

    At the end of the session, attendees will be able to recite the four levers, know how to implement them during a negotiation (as well as during initial pricing discussions with a prospect and in your proposals) and have conversational turnarounds to the most common issues that come up.

    The 5 F’s of Revenue Capacity

    In this session, we explore the 5 F’s that can serve as the guide to thinking about building your revenue capacity, and a structure for every internal sales conversation. I literally used the 5 F’s for every 1-on-1 with my CEO, every presentation to my board, and every update presentation to my revenue organization. And managers used it to categorize every conversation with their managers & team, too.

    In this session, attendees learn a simple framework to ensure they’re thinking about each of the 5 areas that drive revenue capacity, along with a simple means to ensure communication consistency with their leaders, board, investors, employees and teams.


    Todd Caponi's Famous "Million Dollar Pyramid of 15-Minute Sales Training Classes"

    The fundamentals of selling should be easy. And, the learning brain requires those fundamentals in short chunks. Todd has developed a core set of classes that center around simple, fundamental elements that are easy to learn, easy to remember, easy to apply, easy to teach, and fun. Attendees can select from the "pyramid" which classes they want to hear. These include those mentioned above, plus other favorites like "Modern Sales Process Fundamentals", "The Results Formula" and many more...

    The Presentation Choreography

    In this fun session using "reality makeover TV" as a guide, we’ll explore why a typical presentation doesn’t work, and how to choreograph your sales presentations to not only tell a great story, but compel the audience to action.
    Attendees will leave this session with a choreography they can use to prepare and deliver presentations. It does not throw out an existing deck, it reorders it in a way that tells a consensus building story. Your presentations will become focused not on how great you are, but instead on how great your prospect can be.

    Workshops & Training

    These topics are highly customizable based on your audience. Topics apply to sales development reps, corporate and enterprise sellers, new business or existing business account managers, client success, senior leadership and recruiting. Given my extensive experience in sales training & enablement, customer experience, revenue operations, as well as my studies in neuroscience, inquire if there's a workshop you'd be interested in exploring.



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    Description of the book, The Transparency Sale

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