• The Transparency Sale

    How unexpected honesty and understanding the buying brain can transform your results

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    Publication - Fall 2018 | Find it on Amazon.com

    There’s a non-obvious evolution to the world of sales upon us. The Transparency Sale is focused on helping sales professionals get ready.


    As recently as 2009, selling had to evolve due to buyers having access to so much more information to do their own research before ever engaging with a seller. Sellers had to change, leading with insight to challenge customers to think differently. Out popped The Challenger Sale and the associated methodologies.


    Today, our children (aka “our future buyers”) are growing up with another type of information expectation readily available to them...reviews and feedback. They won’t download an app without looking at the reviews. They won’t watch a Netflix show without looking at the star rating. We are all becoming more dependent on them as well, picking restaurants and hotels based on reviews and star ratings. We’re rating our Uber drivers, and Uber drives are rating us back. Every retailer and eCommerce site you can find has both positive and negative reviews on their own site.


    As a matter of fact, a study recently showed that a product with a review score between a 4.2 - 4.5 sells better than one with a perfect 5.0 score. The buying brain requires this information, and while the winners are making transparency a hallmark, the majority of the selling world continues to sell as though they’re a perfect 5.0, eroding trust, lengthening sales cycles and losing more deals.


    This growth in “the feedback economy” will force sellers to change the way they approach buyers. Sellers will need to own that dialogue and lead with those vulnerabilities. In The Transparency Sale, sellers will begin to present themselves as less-than-perfect to help a buyer understand why they’re a 4.2 – 4.5, and not a perfect 5. This book will show them how.


    The results?

    • Better qualified deals
    • A higher win-rate
    • Shorter selling cycles
    • Makes competing with you difficult
    • A longer leash post-sale for when something goes wrong
    The book starts with a better understanding of our buying brain: the way that we make decisions as consumers. Beyond reviews or striving for authenticity, building a better understanding of how decision making really works is key to getting better at selling anything to anyone. We will take the latest insights from decision science and merge them with a broader understanding of consumer influence.
    The book will take readers through the entire sales cycle, from prospecting and positioning all the way through negotiations, implementations and long-term client success. You'll learn how & when to use transparency, unexpected honesty and share your product or service vulnerabilities to drive trust.
    Ultimately, this blend will help you to make your own Transparency Sale when it really matters.
  • Timeline

    The initial manuscript was submitted on May 25th. The next 10 weeks included a massive edit & revision process. It is now (as of mid August) entering the proofread / layout process, with the publication date tentatively scheduled for November 13th, 2018. Sign up to receive updates. 


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