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    Transparency, Decision Science & the Future of Sales


    The future is radically transparent. This session starts with an exploration of the new type of consumer influence driving the need to change, provide an understanding of our buying brain, and how we make decisions as consumers. Beyond just striving for authenticity, attendees will gain a foundational understanding of how decision making really works, which is key to getting better at selling anything to anyone.

    Attendees will walk away from this talk with a core understanding of the role of transparency and decision science throughout the sales cycle. We will also explore a few simple techniques they can immediately apply to their prospecting, positioning, presenting and negotiating efforts.


    Five ways to use brain science for sales good (not evil)


    The world of neuroscience has progressed at an incredible clip in just the past ten years. Much of the understanding of how our brains work has yet to make its way into sales curriculum. The concepts are a bit counterintuitive, but the data and practical applications are proving to have a dramatic impact on results. In this talk, we’ll explore the top five ways to use these new understandings to optimize your sales environment, positioning, presenting and negotiating.

    Attendees will learn the basics of brain science as it applies to decision making and employee engagement. They will learn specifically how to apply those learnings to out-position the competition, captivate an audience during a presentation, maximize team performance, and empower customers to maximize deal values during a negotiation.

    Transparent Negotiations


    During this session, we’ll explore a cards-face-up framework / approach to sales negotiations. It’s a simple framework I had created years ago (and my former sales orgs at ExactTarget and PowerReviews all used it passionately - as well as my clients today), where it builds trust to the finish line, you get value for every dollar you give away in the form of a discount, clients will actually start negotiating their own renewals, and your deals become infinitely more predictable.
    At the end of the session, attendees will be able to recite the four levers, know how to implement them during a negotiation (as well as during initial pricing discussions with a prospect and in your proposals) and have conversational turnarounds to the most common issues that come up. (i.e., termination for convenience, monthly billing requests, “we won’t be able to sign before the end of the quarter”, etc.). Attendees will also be armed to teach their teams this simple framework.


    The Presentation Choreography


    In this session, we’ll explore why a typical presentation doesn’t work, and how to choreograph your sales presentations to not only tell a great story, but compel the audience to action. (hint: it involves reality makeover TV)

    Attendees will leave this session with a choreography they can use to prepare and deliver presentations. It does not throw out an existing deck, it reorders it in a way that tells a consensus building story. Your presentations will become focused not on how great you are, but instead on how great your prospect can be.


    Modern, Science Optimized Leadership


    The demand for experienced talent far outweighs the supply. Creating a magnetic workplace takes so much more than battling with perk inflation and simply trying to outspend the market. Understanding the brain science behind motivation and engagement can provide a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining the employees that you want, whom will all be telling their friends to come along for the ride as well.

    Attendees will gain an understanding of the engaged employee brain, a process to regularly assess how they and their leaders are driving engagement, and a few approaches and techniques they can use to create the magnetic workplace.


    The “Five F’s” of Building Revenue Capacity


    Do you have a structure for your conversations with your managers? Do your managers have a structure for their conversations with their managers? In this section, we explore the 5 F’s that can serve as the guide for every internal sales building conversation. I literally used the 5 F’s for every 1-on-1 with my CEO, every presentation to my board, and every update presentation to my revenue organization. My managers used it to categorize every conversation with their managers, too.

    In this section, attendees learn a simple framework to ensure they’re thinking about each of the 5 areas that drive revenue capacity, along with a simple means to ensure communication consistency with their leaders, board, investors, employees and teams.


    ...and more


    The Fundamentals of Modern Sales Process: Attendees learn what happens during a modern buying process, and how that conflicts with traditional “sales” centric processes. During this session, we’ll show how traditional sales process lead to a commoditization trap, how to reframe buyer requirements, then build a sales process aligned to recognizing buyer behaviors - which also leads to a more predictable forecast.


    Feeling Centered Decision Making (aka - Why you really lost): As human beings, we make decisions using feelings and emotions, and only use logic to explain / justify those feeling centered decision. In this session, we explore the language your prospects and clients use when your deals get stuck, when you lose, or when a client chooses to leave, and how to truly diagnose and “unstuck” them.


    The Results Formula: While, as selling professionals, we can measure countless activity and performance metrics, this section teaches attendees the four KEY performance metrics that contribute directly to “results”. We also explore the math around how to quickly find > 20% growth, and what types of skills, activities and focus drives the easiest path to attainment in each category.

    Don’t Do BANT. Take the Prospect’s TEMP Instead | Modern Qualification: The original qualification acronym, BANT, is not only dated, but if used in organizations in today’s modern buying environment, will actually cause you to miss out on great opportunities. There’s a new way to think about it, and it involves taking the customer’s TEMP instead.

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