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The Transparency Sale Blog: April 8th, 2019

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  • Audiobook giveaway: Spreading the good word!
  • Why Transparent Sales are the Best: Article in SellingPower Magazine
  • My requests, if you're so inclined...

Audiobook Giveaway: The Transparency Sale

I’m giving away 40 free audiobook versions of 'The Transparency Sale' - for no other reason that to continue to spread the ideas of this not-often-talked-about evolution happening in the world of sales.

The way I see it, and the data / science supports it, the proliferation of reviews and feedback on everything we experience is changing the way we as B2B sellers need to be positioning our solutions, presenting and negotiating. And, given how our brains make decisions - where transparency, authenticity and leading with your flaws actually aids in conversions, means you’ll not only feel better about how you sell, but your wallet will thank you.

If you already bought the book and want the audiobook to accompany it, cool. If you haven’t, and just wanted to listen, that’s cool as well. If you oddly want my soothing voice to help you sleep at night, it probably works for that, too.

For whatever the reason, the form linked below asks for your email address - which will only be used to send you the link and single-download code.

I love the profession of sales, and hope the continued spread of these ideas helps this evolution continue to improve it for the better.

Here’s the single-field form to enter your email for the giveaway:

And, if you’re so inclined, here’s a link to the book’s purchase sites to leave a review:

Lastly, I put together the video below explaining it. My blog subscribers get the first shot at these...then I'll be spreading this more broadly.


Why Transparent Sales Are the Best - My article in SellingPower Magazine

Ok, maybe I'm overdoing it by geeking out about this, but when I took my first sales job years ago, I subscribed to SellingPower Magazine. It was a staple for me. Read it cover-to-cover, every issue.

Feels pretty cool to have come full circle to have an article come out in it late last week.

The headline is a bit awkward, though, right? SellingPower uses an algorithm to determine what headline will garner the most clicks. So, after I wrote the article and provided a headline, they changed it. The new headline they chose had almost nothing to do with the article. Seriously - it was weird. We then went back-and-forth, and ended with this one, which scored well in their algorithm.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the article...

My Requests

Here are the areas where I still could use your help:

  1. Reviews on Amazon: If you've read the book, I would sincerely appreciate a review wherever you bought it. I'll even send you a "Transparency Sale" concierge bell for celebrating your wins. Just shoot me an email - would love to!
  2. Share: If you've seen something you like, please feel free to share it. If you're writing your own content and want to refer to something I've said, I love that, too! Self promotion is hard - I'm doing the best I can - but your help is amazingly useful. @tcaponi on Twitter, or just @-mention me on LinkedIn. 
  3. Feedback: Let me know what you think - of this format, of the content, or about other things you see. Put it in the comments below, or shoot me an email.


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