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Breaking through the white noise in email prospecting - just ask...

Quick idea for you...hope it helps!

If you have to engage in email prospecting as a part of your role, consider this:

  • As an individual moves up in an organization, the volume of inbound email they receive grows.
  • Your senior leadership team is likely getting many, many inbound email solicitations.
These emails all seem to blend together. It's almost as if the senders all went to the same class, and are all trying the same tactics.
Our brains are wired to resist being unduly influenced. Our brains make maps, protecting us from this, and as new techniques break through the barrier, the brain makes a new map. In other words, what worked yesterday and is working today probably won't work tomorrow.
There's an incredible source of ideas for what's working today...right in your own company - your senior leadership team!

Here's the idea: Ask your sales leader to propose that, as a regular agenda item at senior leadership team meetings, have each senior leader bring emails that stand out to them in their 'white noise' filled inbox. Try them out, measure, and be ready to adjust again.

Just an the best way to find out what works is to make a regular effort to actually ASK those who are getting them every day!
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