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Cyber Monday Lessons For The B2B Salesperson

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Today is a huge day for the salesperson-in-the-form-of-a-website. i.e., the online retailer.

For you, the salesperson-in-the-form-of-a-human-being, there are lessons to learn from what they are getting right...and getting wrong today!

I believe there are three big lessons you can take from your online purchase interactions:

1) The Email Inbox

Did your personal inbox look like mine today, filled with emails where the same message was sent to tons of people?

Every email designed to sell me?

That’s exactly what my email inbox looked like EVERY DAY as a CRO. (and here, below, is a screenshot from my inbox)

They all look the same, right? Only personalized in that they inject my first name into the message - or maybe my company name. Getting 100-150 emails per day means I had to hit select-all/delete on these.

Now think about it - would a personalized, valuable message stand out like a beacon in the night?

2) The Power of the Negatives

Are you reading reviews when purchasing online today? Specifically, are you reading the negative reviews?

Transparency sells better than perfection, and online retailers are the perfect example - listing negative feedback from their own customers on their own products on their own websites, and somehow the results are MORE sales.

Our brains are wired to "predict", and also wired to know that perfection is not reality. When we present our solutions as "perfect", the buying brain is driven to do more homework - to backchannel reference check you, to look to the analysts, to check B2B review sites. You lose control of your sale, often the buyers don't come back, and even more often it drives the buyer to the easiest path - the status quo.

Can you do that in your selling efforts - present both the pros AND THE CONS of a purchase with you? Your buyers will buy faster, you’ll win more often, and they're more likely to buy more, stay and tell their friends.

3) Brevity in Written Communication

When you're evaluating a purchase online, do you notice that online retailers DO NOT communicate in long written dialogue or even paragraphs? Instead, they're all single sentences or bullet points.

When our brain sees a paragraph, or even worse, a novel of an email, it cries a little on the inside. Our brains perceive long written text as "work", and as a result, are less likely to engage in that communication.

Think about your written communication - your emails, your proposals, even your brochures.

Can you communicate in sentences & bullets over paragraphs? You'll find your recipients more likely to engage, as our brains view bullets and shorter written communication as more inviting.

As you're interacting online today, this week & this month with eCommerce sites, think about the experience. What other lessons can be learned from what they do right...and wrong?

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that all of these concepts are explained in much more detail in the book, The Transparency Sale, along with simple, easy to implement tactics. It makes a great gift, too, right? 😀

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