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Email Empathy v3: Shift your mindset. Would you open your email?

Shift your mindset.

When you scroll through your LinkedIn timeline, which posts do you engage with? Which ones do you “like?”

I’m gonna guess that the TOP FOUR categories of posts you engage with or “like” are providing:
- Personalization: Mentions or recognizes you individually. (You probably read 100% of those.)
- Connectedness: Speaks to something you care about or believe in
- Relatedness: Speaks about people you care about
- Value: Teaches you something highly relevant to one of the three categories above (you, what you care about, people you care about)

My guess as to what would be at the BOTTOM of the list?
- Self-serving: The posts which are there to serve the person who posted it. And you probably only have to read the first couple of words to realize it.

Why would the email inbox be any different? What emails are you sending?

Personalized and valuable always wins...

Check out v2 of this series HERE...which links to v1 in the first sentence.

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