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How good CEOs make personal connections with employees

An article from NY Post

· sales leadership

When employment rates are so high, and the demand for experienced talent far exceeds the supply, the pressure is on CEOs. The need to create magnetic cultures that speed recruiting, maintain low turnover rates, and have employees recommending their organizations to their friends has never been higher. And with the proliferation of employee review sites like Glassdoor, it doesn't take much toxicity to stunt growth.

I've been reading / researching a lot recently on transparency coupled with science-optimized leadership, and was excited to be quoted in yesterday's (Sunday, May 19th, 2019) NY Post on the subject. It's a great article - so here's the link (in the blue box), and I've cut & pasted my section / quote below it.

Todd Caponi, author of “The Transparency Sale: How Unexpected Honesty and Understanding the Buying Brain Can Transform Your Results” (IdeaPress Publishing), says availability is smart for business.

“In order to do our best work as employees, we need our leaders to be accessible, welcoming and authentic. We want to wake up in the morning and know what we’re getting into that day. It allows us to bring our best self to work, which results in high performance, low turnover, and a welcoming culture which, in this high demand and low supply of skilled workers’ economy, is the key to growth and profitability.”

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