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International Best-Seller, The Transparency Sale. But why?

Having done zero promotion in Asia, could markets be seeking out this solution to the not-quite-obvious evolution in the sales profession?

I am soooo pleased and humbled to announce that The Transparency Sale is now an international best-seller. In last Friday's Shanghai Daily, the book showed up in 5th place on their Business Books best-seller list.

My first reaction was, "How did this happen? I had done no promotion in China. The book has been out for over nine months now.

However, what I find really interesting is looking at the list of five. I immediately noticed that 3 of the top 5 are about being an authentic, transparent human being at work. (“Humble Leadership” and “Bring Your Human to Work”)

Recently, I agreed to have my book translated into Vietnamese for their market. Now China is buying it up, and they're embracing the ideas around it. My assumption, albeit without any data other than this list, is that Asia is seeking out this topic as it embraces the needed shift towards getting the slime out of the profession of sales.

That is at least my hope. What do you think?

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