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The Final Interview: Transparency for the Win

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Do you have a gap in your resume?

Is there a requirement in the job description that you don’t have?

How do you handle it during an interview?

If you’re like most, you likely hope they don’t bring it up, and if they do, have an explanation for it?

There’s an opportunity to turn that potential weakness into a huge asset.

How? By leading with it - literally opening the conversation with the potential elephant in the room.

There is counterintuitive power in unexpected transparency and honesty.

  • It builds the entire conversation on a foundation of trust - clearing the subconscious BS detector filter from the beginning.
  • It allows you to control the narrative - versus the interviewer coming to their own conclusions, or in a consensus hiring decision, disarms any detractors.
  • It sets you apart from the other candidates - confidence is contagious.

In this morning’s Crunchbase article, I discuss the behavioral science, research and practical application of turning the reason someone may not want to hire you into your differentiator - through transparency.

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