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Selling is Teaching - But If We Don't Know How We Learn...

· Science of Learning

“If we don’t know how we learn, how on earth do we know how to teach?” - Leo Rafael Reif, President of MIT

I teach. It’s the primary purpose of my business. You probably teach, too - if you’re in sales, marketing, leadership, enablement, etc.

Everything you’re doing right now you had to learn.

Yuo’re albe to raed tihs bcauese your brane learend to catgeoirze wodrs as whoel untis, not lteter-by-lteter.


And that sentence caught your attention, didn't it?

I’m now ear-deep in studying the science of learning, looking for tips to optimize the way we teach - to adhere our approach to the optimal algorithm for learning in the human brain.

But the question that struck me is -

Why do we assume we’re teaching optimally?

Likely because it worked at some point - and that’s as far as we went.

Learning gets stuck. Exploring gets stuck. Curiosity gets stuck.


Like when you’re driving along and realize that sometime soon, you’re going to need gas.

  • The first gas station you pass is selling for $2.60 a gallon. Not willing to settle, you keep driving.
  • The next station sells it for $2.65 a gallon. Uh oh - did I already pass the best price around?
  • We keep driving...and sure enough, there’s a station selling gas for $2.50 a gallon.

We fill up there. But have we found the best price? How do we know that if we drive just a little further, there won’t be another station selling it for $2.40?

Our customers & prospects do, too. Status quo wins!

We get stuck at “good enough” or “better than” instead of “optimal”.

#1 in our jobs?
☑️ To create motivation (for prospects & ourselves) to go a little farther today - to engage in further learning!

Mind blown? 😵

More to come...

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