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Ten Days of Listening With Intent

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The last ten days…

I've seen so much listening to one another, learning from one another, and doing it with a focused desire to gain understanding of one another.

In the process of observing and participating in all of this, I noticed something that may be considered a bit random.

You may recall that in Gallup’s annual most-to-least trusted (honesty/ethics) professions list, the professions at the bottom of the list are salespeople (1st & 4th worst), members of Congress (2nd worst) and senators (3rd worst).

What have members of Congress and senators been doing with each other this past week?

Arguing, making excuses, lying, and disrespecting. Nothing really new there, right?

What has the sales profession been doing this past week?

From what I’ve seen - the sales profession has been listening to, learning from, being transparent, and truly empathizing with each other - all while also doing their jobs. On LinkedIn. Through live virtual sessions. In conversations. Within companies. Everywhere you look.

I’m so proud of what I’ve seen. I'm proud to be a part of this profession, and proud to see everyone coming together like this.

But here's the random part...

I wondered to myself, how are we (the sales profession) not crushing them (members of Congress and senators) on this list?

Do we not always prioritize listening to, learning from, being transparent with, and truly empathizing with those we’re communicating with?

If only we could be like this with everyone, all the time...


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