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May / June 2020

Hey everyone - there's has been SO MUCH GOING ON lately, and most of it is totally free. Wanted to make sure you were aware of all of the webinars, podcasts, and upcoming events available to you.

Here's the collection...all in one place.

The "Modern" History of Sales

(part of the Fridays Are For Closers series with Sales Assembly)

It was a labor of love. It started with 1947's "The 5 Great Rules of Selling" book by Percy H. Whiting. I followed the references back...reading books from the 1900's, 1910's & 1920's. I kept going backwards - all the way to the 1600's, and even as far back to 800 BC.

It was the history of sales...a free webinar documenting the roots of our profession, much of wish is still exactly the way it should be today, while much is downright crazy. Like,

  • Phrenology as a sales methodology: How forehead structures determine the likelihood to buy.
  • Chemistry in sales: How your "ductless glands" play a role in sales success.
  • Door-to-Door techniques: Including how to use an almost assumed close to enter someone's house.

Head to for the whole collection of videos - free thanks to sponsors Zendesk, Showpad & Vidyard.

Sales Empathy: How Buyers Buy, Decide and Prioritize

(part of Outreach's #UNLEASHVirtualSummit)

In what may be the most glowing set of feedback I've received about anything, I did a keynote for Outreach's Unleash Virtual Summit. It had over 7,400 sign ups, and is now the most up-voted session of the entire conference.

The subject? Buyer empathy. No, not the cliche' empathy everyone's been talking about. This time, it was about behavioral science, how buyers decide, prioritize and buy, and what to do about it.

Here's the full description: The world of neuroscience has progressed at an incredible rate in the past ten years. Much of the understanding of how our brains work has yet to make its way into sales curriculum. The concepts are a bit counter-intuitive, but the data and practical applications are proving to have a dramatic impact on sales results. In this session, we'll explore how our brains process information and make decisions, then quickly explore ways to use that information for prospecting, positioning, presenting and even negotiating.

It's also free...and I do appreciate more upvotes if you like it!

Podcasts - Three of them!

I've been busy on the podcast circuit. Here's three recent ones that I hope can help!

Blissful Prospecting Podcast with Jason Bay:

In this episode, we talked a lot more about prospecting and empathizing with the executive inbox.

Such a fun concept and conversation, where our focus was on current events, why transparency matters more today than ever, and I went with the tallboy Miller Lite to break the mold versus the author authors and their fancy drinks!

Although most sellers try to present your organization and solutions as perfect, with a "we can solve all your challenges" approach, research clearly shows that embracing imperfections leads to much greater success. In this interview we dug into my research findings, the neuroscience of trust and why being "flawsome" is your ticket to accelerated decisions and more wins.

This Upcoming Week...

Tuesday, June 2nd: Sales Hacker Webinar: Unlock Your Sales "Secret Weapon": Transparency & Gratitude

Thursday, June 4th: Stop The Sales Drop: I'll be talking about behavioral science as it relates to sales, and specifically how to use transparency to reduce friction from the buying journey - which is more important than ever right now! (If you want to attend this, let me know. I have discounted passes - tons of great speakers)

I also have some other news coming up next week - the release of the newest edition of the book, The Transparency Sale. Woops...that was the announcement. June 2nd it officially goes on sale wherever you buy books online.

What do you think? Helpful?

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