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I can’t believe this was a year ago today - the initial launch of The Transparency Sale.

The year prior was the biggest learning experience of my life - piles of research, taking a big risk in leaving my CRO job, turning off my income to write and publish a book.

The proliferation of reviews & feedback are changing the world of B2B selling - you can no longer hide your solution’s flaws and expect to get away with it.

And, according to the research, leading with your flaws & transparency is the fastest path to lasting trust.

In other words, regardless of the proliferation of reviews & feedback, it's the right thing to do, having magical impacts on cycle lengths & win rates.

Transparency sells better than perfection.

What’s happened since has been incredible. I had no preconceived plans for what would become of it, and honestly didn’t predict the movement this has become. And it's still growing. It's been sooooo worth it!

The reputation of the sales profession is changing for the better. I can see it every single day. You are all a part of that.

Thank you for caring so much about what is also my passion profession, sales.

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