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Transparency: As close to a sales elixir as I can find...

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Transparency sells better than perfection.

Yes - I’m biased.

I know there’s no silver bullet, but I wake up every day thinking this idea of leading with transparency is as close to one as it gets.

The behavioral science says so.

There’s a reason why we all read reviews, and why over 82% of us read the negative reviews first when a website is acting as the salesperson. As it turns out, we’re wired to predict. We’re wired to resist the notion of perfection.

Whether it’s a website selling something or a human, our brains are able to assess whether “the juice is going to be worth the squeeze” when it understands what the squeeze may involve first. It's also why a product on a website with a review score between a 4.2-4.5 sells best - better than a product that has nothing but 5-star reviews.

Transparency sells better than perfection.

The data says so.

I’ve shared a ton of data over the last couple of years, but here's the latest: TrustRadius just issued their "The 2021 B2B Buying Disconnect".

What do customers want? It’s not just their subconscious anymore:

Transparency sells better than perfection.

The practical application says so.

Your clients spend 61% of their consensus buying time doing their homework - investigating claims beyond what you and your competitors share (the 27% + 16% + 18% for those scoring at home):

When transparency is embraced, trust is built, the need for homework is reduced, the brains decision-making trigger is activated, and the result is:

  • Reduced sales cycles: The 61% goes down when you do the homework for the buyer
  • Increased win rates: You literally differentiate beyond just your products and services - you differentiate in the way you sell! Consensus selling is hard, but consensus buying is harder, especially when the buyers are all now remote. Doing their homework for them? That’s an opportunity!
  • You qualify opportunities “in” you should win, and qualify “out” deals you’re destined to lose anyway...just faster: The only thing you have in your inventory is ‘time’. Optimize that time, focused on the winnable opportunities while prospecting into the best fit.
  • You make it really hard on your competitors to compete against you: You gain and maintain control. When forcing your buyers to do their own homework, you lose control - and there’s no telling where they’ll get their information.
  • Your clients stay, buy more, and are more likely to advocate: Setting and meeting expectations is the fastest path to lasting trust.

Transparency sells better than perfection.

And, due to the proliferation of reviews & feedback on everything we do, buy and experience, we have to do it anyway.

But we don't...

We’re still measuring (or being measured by) “pipeline load”, and “if I qualify out a deal too early, I won’t have 4x my quota in my pipeline!”

We think we can sell anyone, “I mean, I can pile on enough value to where the client won’t care when they find out later that we’re missing a key feature they care about.”

We’d rather push that boulder up the hill versus focusing our limited energy on finding, developing and focusing on the opportunities where there’s an ideal fit.

Or, maybe we don’t know how to embrace transparency.

Well, there's a book for that. And, if you don't have one yet, I really want to help you get one...

So I've put the book ON SALE where I can control it...

Kindle for $2.99 this week on Amazon

For this week, I've gotten my publisher to drop the Kindle version of the book to $2.99. Grab one for yourself, grab another as an early "Black Friday" gift, then pretend like you paid full price. Wait - that's not very transparent!

Signed paperback for less than an unsigned one on Amazon (direct on my site with code)

The paperback is $18.95 on Amazon - and that sucks. So, I'm selling autographed versions direct for $11.50 + $5.00 (S&H) = $16.50 (WITH THE DISCOUNT CODE "NOVEMBER"). Make sure you enter that DISCOUNT CODE.

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