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If you had to choose JUST ONE for prospecting - the phone, email or LinkedIn - which would it be?

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I was recently asked the following question:

“If you had to choose between phone, email, or LinkedIn as your prospecting tool of choice—what would you choose?”

Jason Bay, host of the Think Outside the Script Virtual Summit, collected answers from the biggest brains in sales, and posted on LinkedIn with a short video summary. It’s really entertaining.

My answer in the video was so short, here’s my explanation.

My choice was LinkedIn. I based it on being on the receiving end for so long.

As you move up in your career, the volume of emails and calls you receive goes up. At one point in my last role as a Chief Revenue Officer of a fast-growing tech company, I was receiving > 100 emails per day, and was battling through ~ 30 meetings per week...both in-person and over the phone.


I had to be responsive to my email. In a full inbox, my focus was reading the “From” along with the “subject line” + the ~ 10 word preview to decide, “Is this email here to help me, or to sell me?”. “Does this require me to be responsive?”

The emails that bubbled to the top? The ones that had to do with my team, my customers or my prospects. While there’s a whole subconscious prioritization list (which included emails from/about my boss, investors, peers, partners, known vendors, etc.), an email from an unknown potential vendor was in 14th place. Especially one that started with mindless pleasantries or the words, “I wanted to…”.

I don’t think I was being mean - it was just, there wasn’t enough time in the day to read those given the 13 priorities ahead of you, the unknown vendor.


I spent quite a bit of time on the phone - entirely planned. There is no way I had enough time to allow my day to be guided by interruption. For me, I never picked up the phone when it wasn’t planned. I couldn’t.


LinkedIn was my respite. I, personally, get a lot of my news via Twitter, and I keep up with my friends on Instagram. (I used to use Facebook for that, but could no longer take the politics).

Anyway, LinkedIn was (and is) where I get caught up on what my peers are up to, I read posts in an effort to understand what I was missing, what ideas could I grab, and where are others prioritizing. It was where I was ready for the unknown.

I can’t help but extend how I functioned as an executive with how others might. Many of my executive friends think the same way - they aren’t answering phones and are sifting through the white noise of their email inbox for the things that are a priority.

So, if I had to choose this one, LinkedIn is the place where the busy executive is more ready for my outreach.

Keep in mind...the question was “if I had to choose just one”.

My recommendation is always to touch them all.

Become a known option versus an unknown.

Prioritize in your messaging how you can help me - in a personalized way - with my team, my customers or my prospects.

Be a giver.

Make your messages valuable.

Hope this helps...and if you like it, share it!

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