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The Business World Has Shifted - Why Hasn't Your Company Messaging?

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We're 3 1/2 months in since the pandemic was announced, and our professional (and personal) lives have changed. February seems like years ago.

Our day-to-day has shifted dramatically since then...

...but then why hasn't your company messaging?

Your initial response may be, “Of course it has, jerk! 🤬 We've shifted our businesses, getting used to this new normal as it's referred to."

However, in doing my prep for a keynote, I visited the attendees’ company’s websites to understand my audience.

After visiting the first couple, something struck me, so I then went to to look up their websites pre-pandemic.

What did I find?

Out of the 8 where I looked at both pre-pandemic versus today, 6 websites looked EXACTLY the same pre-March as they do today.

While some have added a “Covid-19 resources” pop-up or banner, those 6 had the:

🤔 Same value proposition

🤔 Same pictures

🤔 Same everything as before.

They haven't shifted their consumer facing messaging at all!

👉 Messaging developed during an up-market flat-out loses its effectiveness in an uncertain market.

Often, it will wholly fail.

Your buyers (and probably you, yourself), are focused on four things:

1 - Delaying, minimizing or eliminating discretionary spend

2 - Reducing costs on the essentials

3 - Extending runway on the essentials

4 - Reducing risks

You can read the minds of your buyers today. Here's your homework if you have yet to change:

Step 1: [select all] - [delete] your current messaging.

Step 2: Think about your company’s value proposition. Given the priorities of everyone, why should we care more right now?

Step 3: Rewrite your company's messaging.

Step 4: Get your larger wallet back out - you'll need it again.

Here's an example of a company who has done things right - and has now regained their momentum.

This is a San Francisco based company called Envoy. The picture on the left is of back in February. The picture on the right is today. Notice, even the cartoon picture at the bottom has people wearing masks now. When you scroll down on their site, you'll see links to how they help in this current environment.

Picture on the left - in February of 2020. Picture on the right, on June 29th, 2020

Many of the most successful companies in history started and thrived during a downturn. You can read the minds of your buyers better today than during any up-market, so take advantage of it.

Please weigh in - what are your thoughts on this phenomenon? And feel free to share & subscribe!

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