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The Checklist: Maximizing Engagement of Your Remote Sales Team

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Short & sweet: Here are the six things, from a nerdy behavioral science perspective, that drive our motivation to do what we do.

You can use these as a checklist - if you're providing each of the six elements below, your team will show up each day, do more than expected, achieve their potential, stay and tell their friends.


☑️ Feedback

We, as human beings, are driven by status, recognition, validation and feedback. What can you do to make sure your team members are validated (daily) for their rolling with the punches, recognized for their efforts and accomplishments (at least weekly), given feedback, and provided status whenever possible?

☑️ Forecast

We, as human beings, are more apt to be engaged, energetic and creative when we can better predict the future. In uncertain times, our brains default to survival mode. What can you do to make sure you're helping the brains of the sellers predict the future? Be consistent. Help them establish regular routines. Help them predict post-Covid life.

☑️ Freedom

We, as human beings, crave autonomy and control. What can you do to make sure you're giving your team the trust and resources to perform without feeling like they're being constantly monitored. The more "check-ins" with the boss participating, the less autonomy. Show the team that you trust them - and they'll prove it in their actions.

☑️ Family

We, as human beings, do our best when we're part of a pack. What can you do to override the subconscious feelings that kick in when we're alone (when at home alone). What activities can you do to make sure everyone feels truly connected, related and safe with each other? The more we feel like we're part of a pack, the less our survival mode kicks in and the better we create & perform.

☑️ Function

We, as human beings, do more than asked when our work matters. What can you do to make sure your team understands the impact their work has on you, your business, your customers and your customers' customers? When our work serves a mission, engagement goes up.

☑️ Fairness

We, as human beings, do our best when "the juice is worth the squeeze". We need to feel that the rewards we receive are worth the effort we put out. That’s not just money...that’s the five other F’s being in balance, too.

I will be writing a lot more about this, as well as other ways to use the lessons of behavioral science in your efforts to drive engagement, which drives performance, lowers turnover, speeds time-to-hire, and frankly increases everyone's sanity.

Here's a free & ungated video which goes into it in much more details:

Hope this helps!


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