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The Ten Fundamental Traits of a Successful Seller - circa 1921

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Picture this: You’re starting a new job in a sales role.

Your boss sits you down, and lists off what they believe to be the 10 traits of what makes a salesperson successful in their organization.

The ten are as follows:

  1. Knowledge - Know your product.
  2. Appearance - Take pride in how you look.
  3. Sincerity - Be yourself.
  4. Arguments - Don’t have them.
  5. Exaggeration - “If you’re representing an article that won’t stand the truth, get another job.”
  6. Promises - Only make promises you can keep.
  7. Optimism - Be optimistic as circumstances warrant, but don’t ever be pessimistic.
  8. Words - Express your thoughts in clear, concise English.
  9. Don’t Knock - Never rip your competitors. Sell your own, and let your competitor sell theirs.
  10. Be Diplomatic and Courteous at all times, and Work.

Do they seem pretty straight forward? Would any make you question your decision?

As it turns out, I took this list from a Tractor World Magazine article in their May of 1921 issue titled, “Is Your Selling Machinery Functioning Properly?”

Yes...May of 1921. 99 years ago!

Yes - the sales profession is evolving at an accelerated rate, which is due to the proliferation of information available to help buyers predict their experience and make better decisions.

However, the fundamentals of what the best in the profession must possess have not changed a whole lot in the past >99 years.

What do you think?


And what's your favorite? I know mine...

“If you’re representing an article that won’t stand the truth, get another job.”

Transparency sells better than perfection. Help your buyers predict their experience...because if you won't, they'll do the homework themselves. And often, they don't come back.

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