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Transparent Negotiations: The Counterintuitive Way to Negotiate More Valuable and Predictable Deals

An article appearing in this month's Sales & Marketing Management Magazine

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Negotiating transparently? Turns out it’s a thing.

I’ve always felt like sales negotiation was broken. It was always counterintuitive to me that we care about trust only until the client says “yes”. Then, the techniques we learn to negotiate with come from hostage negotiators, where we’re taught to give clients the “illusion of control” or we should always start with “an extreme position”.

Really excited to have this seemingly counterintuitive cards-face-up approach written up in this month’s Sales & Marketing Management Magazine.

It’s a simple framework I had created years ago (and my former sales orgs at ExactTarget and PowerReviews all used it passionately), where it builds trust to the finish line, you get value for every dollar you give away in the form of a discount, clients will actually start negotiating their own renewals, and your deals become infinitely more predictable.

Here’s a video describing the framework, plus a link to the article just below it:

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