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What is the book gonna be about?

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The Transparency Sale

In partnership with Ideapress Publishing

Publication - Fall 2018


I’m a nerd for all things sales philosophy & learning theory. I’ve spent so much of my career figuring out the most effective ways to sell, but also the most effective ways to teach. That’s led me to a new nerdery, which is the field of neuroscience...and specifically how the brain makes decisions. The combination of those three things...sales philosophy, optimal learning & decision science made me realize that the way we’ve been molding the sales profession doesn’t align with how buyers buy, learn and make decisions.

Themes of the book...

1. Consumers don’t trust “perfect”. Our brains are actually wired to resist being “sold to”. For example, according to research done by Northwestern University, a product that has a 4.2 to a 4.5 star rating (out of 5.0) outsells a product that has a perfect 5.0 score. The problem is, as sales professionals, we’ve been taught to sell as though our solution is perfect, then let the buyer figure out where we’re not. Embracing our vulnerabilities and selling transparently is a huge opportunity <-Click to read more about selling transparently

2. It’s been confirmed through advances in neuroscience that we make decisions based on “feelings”, then justify them based on “logic”. Over the past 30 years, researchers have nailed many of the details, which have made their way into quite a few marketing / branding books. However, as sales professionals, we all continue to be taught to sell based on logic...and hope that the buyer is able to make those connections themselves to the “feelings” required to trigger the brain into a decision. Another huge opportunity...teaching sales professionals how to inspire feelings of confidence, status, fitting in, certainty, autonomy, etc. in the way they sell.

3. It’s been confirmed through advances in neuroscience that 95% of all decisions are made other words, without even realizing a decision is being made. After every sentence you read of this note, you are non-consciously deciding whether you want to read the next sentence. Did that just blow your mind? As sales professionals, we tend to focus all of our efforts on the 5% of decision making that happens consciously. The sales process involves a buyer making literally thousands of micro-decisions along the journey as to whether they will continue down the path with you. We don’t tend to think about the 95% when we send the buyer an email, when we create a slide, when we choreograph our “pitch”. A third, substantial opportunity!

The Transparency Sale

The book, The Transparency Sale (in partnership with Ideapress Publishing), is going to take readers through the sales process...starting with a little sales history and some neuroscience (which I’ve dumbed down to a level even I can understand). At each sales stage (including a whole chapter on "Transparent Negotiations"), I’ll be providing ideas that will change the way readers think about the sales profession, and nuggets that can be applied to help use these learnings for good, not evil. My research and (obviously biased) opinion is that this is important stuff for the next evolution of the selling profession.


Initial manuscript is due May 25th...with a publication date scheduled for mid Fall, 2018. Sign up to receive updates. I'm available for birthday parties, weddings & bar mitzvahs (i.e., speaking), so use the Contact page (where you'll also find my direct email address) for inquiries or more information.

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