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Why Don't I Get More Voicemails?

- and...a TrustRadius Study That Should Rock Your World!

The Transparency Sale Blog / Newsletter, April 17th, 2019


  • Why Don't I Get More Voicemails?: A vibrant discussion took place on LinkedIn. See below for the details.
  • A Study That Should Rock Your World: If you're in sales or marketing, TrustRadius' recently released study on the current state of buyer behavior is amazing. 
  • The Correlation Between Sleep and Negativity: Super interesting article from Neuroscience News about how sleep impacts your perception of stimuli...and the lack thereof = negativity bias

Why Don't I Get More Voicemails?

On Monday, I posed a question to the LinkedIn community:

"Why don’t I get more voicemails?"

As a multiple time CRO / SVP Sales with a mobile phone number that had somehow made it onto lists, I still get cold calls - even though I wrote a book and my friends tell me I “don’t have a real job”. Actually, I still get lots of calls. And almost never do I receive a voicemail.

What is the current line of thinking on leaving voicemails? This short (1:22) video is my take as a target for many cold calls, but check out the post HERE to see what the experts had to say. Lots of great thoughts!

A Buying Behavior Study You Should All Be Reading!

I recently read the buying preference study put out by TrustRadius, and if you're in B2B sales or marketing, it should rock your world.

Buyers have ALWAYS sought the quickest path to predicting their experience - which is why demos & trials have always been trustworthy. But today, with the proliferation of reviews on everything we do, buy and experience, reviews have:

  • -Now blasted past the use of analyst rankings, where only 24.9% of B2B buyers use them, whereas 56% use reviews in their research process
  • -Of the tools B2B buyers use in their buying process, the ones that are the least trustworthy? The vendor controlled ones - brochures, the website, and even case studies!

And the kicker - the question asked was "What are the top ways vendors can make the purchase process easier or faster for buyers?" The number 1 answer? "Vendor being more transparent about product capabilities".

I know a book that can help with that! :)

Check it many nuggets of data beyond just the ones I mentioned above that should be incentive to change your focus.

A sleep-deprived brain interprets impressions negatively

Super interesting article on the effect sleep has on our ability to be positive. The most effective sellers, leaders and...embrace positivity in their lives and their jobs.

The bottom line: A sleepless night not only leaves us fatigued and distracted, it also makes us interpret things more negatively and makes us more likely to lose our temper.

Here's the article: LINK

Thank you!

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