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Writing a Book - Worth it so far!

And if you ever decide to write a book, call me. Soooo many lessons learned!

Just wanted to thank everyone for the incredible feedback on the book so far. Seriously - it’s humbling.

To spend a year writing, editing, proofing, getting endorsements, then sweating out whether it’s going to blow or not, the fact that people are getting real value and making big, easy improvements in their sales / influence game is why I did this.

As I’ve said before, I saw a not-so-obvious evolution taking place in the world of sales - where transparency was winning over perfection. I found the brain science to back it up. I tried out the concepts, and they sped sales cycles, increased win rates and qualified deals “in” faster. They also qualified deals “out” faster, and made it really hard for competitors to position against us.

I didn’t write it for the money - for anyone considering writing a book, margins are super tight on book sales. Can’t get rich on that, unless you’re Mark Manson or someone like that. I wrote it to help my passion profession, sales, continue to improve and succeed.

So far, ironically given the foundational concept of my book, my review score on Amazon is 4.9. But, for those of you who are worried about that, the Goodreads audience think the book is solidly mediocre - a paltry 3.75 from four reviews. So, it all balances out. :)

This experience has been incredible. I’m in the middle of speaking at ten events in a seven week period. Off to Europe next week. And, the collection of pictures (scroll to the bottom of this link to see some of them) people have been sending me of individuals reading it, teams showing it off, it sitting under Christmas trees, and versions that have been rabbit eared and torn apart are so cool! Having so much fun spreading the good word of transparency!

Audio version is in distribution to 30 audiobook providers. Another lesson learned - turns out it takes 10-20 days to get it listed once distribution starts - it started last Tuesday, so it should begin showing up today through next week to all providers.

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