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Writing A Book - The Learning Curve

(eBook Now Available - Proceeds to Charity)

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It was early 2017, and I had a revelation: 

Transparency sells better than perfection.

It's why reviews, and namely negative reviews, help a product sell more when a website is acting as the salesperson. The same effect should work in the human-to-human, business-to-business world.

I got nerdy. I did the research. I spent time with a neuroscientist. I tried some things out.

And magic happened.

Sales cycles sped up. Win rates went up. We qualified deals in more firmly. We qualified deals OUT more quickly. And...we made it really difficult for our competitors to position against us.

Being a nerd for the profession of sales - I came to the realization that these ideas could really help other salespeople not only succeed, but develop a passion for the process.

And, in the end, these ideas could help lift our profession up from the bottom of Gallup's annual "Trusted Professions" ranking.

The realization hit me...

I should write a book!

The endorphins associated with that proclamation lasted just a few seconds.

Then doubt crept in.

"I know nothing about writing a book. I don't think I even know anyone who's successfully done it!"

Then came the questions:

  • Should I write a book? I've never really written anything before.
  • Where do I start?
  • Should I pursue formal publishers? Should I go the "hybrid" route? Ummm, what is the "hybrid" route? Should I just self-publish?
  • How does all of this work? Cover design? What's editing? Is that different than proofreading?
  • And after it comes out, how do book launches work?
  • What about distribution? How do I get the book into Amazon, stores, libraries, and even airports?
  • Why does everyone seem to be a "best-seller"?
And those were only the beginning.

I decided to go ahead and do it - and just figure it out along the way.

I took notes along the way...lots of them!

With every lesson learned and answer gained, I took notes. I wrote, I researched, I wrote more, I had an editor crush my soul, I wrote again, the book came out, I did an audiobook, I speak and teach about it, and so much more happened along the way.

I even tried to get Tyra Banks to endorse it!

I have now published the 70 meaty lessons-learned along the way...and I want you to have them (for a small $3.99 fee, with the proceeds going to charity).

My hope is that I can (a) encourage you, (b) create some certainty along the way, and (c) save you the agony of learning some of these lessons yourself.

Prior to officially putting this into an eBook, I had shared these writings with a few individuals - and heard emphatically back that it's made a huge difference.

I sincerely hope this does for you, too.

70 lessons.

~ 50 pages.

An easy read for $3.99...with proceeds going to charity.

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