• The Transparency Sale

    How Unexpected Honesty and Understanding the Buying Brain Can Transform Your Results

  • The 3-sentence explanation

    Backed by science & data, transparency sells better than perfection. This explains why, on a website, a product with an average star rating of 4.2-4.5 sells better than one that's a perfect 5.0. Leading with flaws & authenticity not only feels like the right thing to do, but actually is the right thing to do to maximize performance.

  • How to Lead With Transparency and Vulnerability to Win Customers’ Trust

    Listen as Todd sits down with Scott Kitun of Technori at WGN Radio in Chicago to talk about how optimal sales isn't being someone you're not!

    The Alignment Podcast w/ Jeff Davis

    Todd & Jeff discuss how sales and marketing alignment plays a key role in getting Transparency right!

    The Selling With Social Podcast with Mario Martinez Jr.

    Listen to Todd & Mario talk about all things Transparency, including Mario's reaction "That's actually pretty brilliant!" referring to "transparent negotiations"

    Check out the "Sales Hacker" podcast with Sam Jacobs

    Listen to Todd & Sam discuss Transparency, and some random topics like replacing BANT with "Taking a prospect's TEMP"

    Listen to Todd's appearance on "The Brutal Truth" podcast with Brian Burns

    Todd & Brian discuss the #1 surprising way to win over a client and close the deal.

    #FlipMyFunnel Podcast - Listen to Todd's appearance w/ Sangram Vajre

    Listen in as Todd & Sangram discuss this non-obvious evolution taking place in the world of sales, and how marketers need to get ready.

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