• The future of sales is radically transparent.

    Are you ready?

  • The Transparency Sale

    How Unexpected Honesty and Understanding the Buying Brain Can Transform Your Results

    • The proliferation of reviews & feedback are changing the world of B2B selling - you can no longer hide your flaws and expect to get away with it.
    • And, according to the research, leading with your flaws & transparency is the fastest path to lasting trust.
    • In other words, regardless of reviews, it's the right thing to do, having magical impacts on cycle lengths & win rates.

    This INTERNATIONAL BEST-SELLER (yes - seriously!) and award-winning book shows you how...


    International Best Seller - Yes! I can't believe it, either!

    The Transparency Sale gets you ready for this not-so-obvious evolution happening in sales. Check out the inside cover, chapters & endorsements


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    Considering writing a business book?

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    The Non-Obvious Evolution...

    Broken down simply, The Transparency Sale in HCM Magazine

    Negotiating Transparently?

    Yes, it's a thing! Check out Todd's recent article in Sales & Marketing Management Magazine on this cards-face-up approach

    The Manifesto! The Future of Sales

    Radical transparency is coming - here's how to get ready...

    How to Lead With Transparency and Vulnerability to Win Customers’ Trust

    Listen as Todd sits down with Scott Kitun of Technori at WGN Radio in Chicago to talk about how optimal sales isn't being someone you're not!

    The "Sales Hacker" podcast

    with Sam Jacobs

    Listen to Todd & Sam discuss Transparency, and some random topics like replacing BANT with "Taking a prospect's TEMP"

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