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The next evolution in sales is here...

The Transparency Sale

Finally, right? Here's some FAQ's about it...

In case you didn’t see, the book, The Transparency Sale, finally hit full distribution this week.

Why did you write a book?
I wrote the book because I had a revelation around a non-obvious evolution taking place in the world of sales. I wrote it because it was a bucket-list dream of mine to publish a book. I wrote it in hopes of spreading these ideas, concepts and techniques so the selling world (my passion profession) would be better for it.

Where can I get it, and in what formats?
You can pick it up on Amazon ( - hardcover or Kindle edition), Barnes & Noble (, Books-a-Million ( or pretty much any other online seller. If you want to buy any more than fifteen at once and have them sent to one place, let me know - I know a guy. :)

By the way, while biased, the book is beautiful. I’m so proud of the way it looks - with the acetate transparent cover. It’s going to look fantastic on your shelves...and is already garnering consideration for design awards.

By the way v2, I narrated the audio version myself last week in a Chicago studio...which will be available soon on Audible, Apple Books, etc. following final edits.

Where can I find feedback from those who have already read it?
I am so glad you asked! Consumers trust other consumers more than they trust the brands themselves. Because the book just came out, there’s limited feedback so far. There are the cover endorsements, but since they’re all fantastic, you’re going to need another opinion, right?

I hope you all think the book is fantastic and a perfect five out of five. But there’s only one way to know for sure, and help others who are considering it. So, if you’ve already bought it, I would so appreciate it if you’d leave a review where you bought it. If you bought it on Amazon, the fastest path to the review form is to visit You’ll see all of your recent purchases there, with an easy interface to leave a review.

Wait, what’s it about?
For more information, visit for the inside cover description, a link to the table of contents, endorsements, and speaker information (at, too). You’ll also find links to a number of recent podcast appearances discussing the philosophy, along with the actionable concepts.

Can I get a prize?
For your effort, for the first 25 people who leave a review, then send me a screen shot along with your physical address to, I’ll send you a small gift. Everyone needs a celebratory bell following a win, right? Well, I had a few concierge bells made, with an image of the cover of the book as the button on top!

Thank you for your excitement around this topic, and your encouragement throughout this process. It truly has been an incredible journey...and the future is transparency!

@tcaponi on Twitter

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