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The Transparency Sale - Book Progress Report v3

A week from today is launch day...

· book update

Hi all -

We’re almost there...the book is scheduled to release a week from today, November 13th.

Here’s a few updates:

  • The book’s design is amazing: The dust jacket is being printed on acetate, making it transparent...and the quality of the hard cover is sparing no expense. It’s going to look great on your bookshelf, and should be worthy of some design competition wins.

  • But there's a delay with the hardcover version: Because of the uniqueness of the print, there have been problems - problems which are delaying the delivery of the print edition. My publisher (Ideapress) assures me that the books are being printed right now, and some are being delivered to Amazon so they can begin to fill initial orders, but based on the pre-order volume, not everyone who has pre-ordered will get the book immediately. I am so sorry for this - and highly annoyed by it. No issues with the digital version, but the print has been a goat rodeo to get done. I so appreciate your patience.

  • Audio version: I will be recording the audio version myself at the end of the month at Chicago’s Mystery Street Recording Company. Turnaround shouldn’t be long, but I will make sure everyone knows when it’s available. I wanted to do the audio recording in my voice (versus having a professional narrator do it). And I’ve been told I have a voice (and face) for radio :)

  • I'll be a keynote at the Transform18 Conference on launch day: For those of you in the sales enablement community, I’ll be keynoting Transform18, billed as North America’s largest sales enablement conference, here in Chicago on launch-day (November 13th). We’ll be giving away the book to attendees (there will be enough printed, ready & delivered for the event), and there will also be a book signing in the evening. It’s not too late to sign up:

  • Review giveaway: I have a little giveaway for the first 35 reviews. Leave a review where you purchased the book, take a screen shot, then send me the screenshot (or other proof of review) to along with your address, and I’ll send you the official Transparency Sale desktop concierge bell. I mean, you need a bell for when you close a deal, right? These are super cool, with The Transparency Sale as the button on top. Leaving a video review posted on LinkedIn counts, too! Tag me and it counts.

  • Inside front-cover, table of contents and an endorsement preview is on the website: I’ve posted the “inside front cover” copy of the book on my homepage along with a link that will take you to the Table of Contents at, and if you want to see the endorsement blurbs that appear on the front and back of the book, check out the “praise for the book” page, too.

Thank you, so much, for your interest and excitement around this. The momentum has been amazing. In just the next nine days, I’m speaking at three sales meetings, one conference, and appearing on two podcasts (The B2B Revenue Executive Experience, hosted by Chad Sanderson which posted today, and the Selling with Social podcast hosted by Mario Martinez, Jr., which will post next Thursday).


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